For sure this problem is due to a Windows update as it stopped booting from one day to another without installing any new devices on the machine. Even then you have many hours of work ahead of you.

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Players will need to craft an OCDispenser tool in their settlement. From there, use the dispenser to convert items to static meshes that can be placed in settlement mode. Decorate the settlement as desired, then enjoy the plethora of perfectly-placed objects that won't be displaced by a simple nudge.

Turn Off The Vibration And Controller Settings

Last but not least, it is advised to check the list of known issues before you install updates. Not all potential issues are listed by Microsoft, but you may find issues listed that apply to your device, e.g. its hardware or software. You can try to manually download and install the updates.

How To Download Windows Updates And Install On Multiple Pcs

The one time I did the Windows update troubleshooter was quick to fix it. I run Windows 10 on my Compaq Presario from 2006. One of the first AMD dual core laptops that maxes out at 2GB RAM. I've only replaced the harddrive the whole time I've had it. I'm impressed that the 11 year old laptop runs W10 better than it ever ran Windows XP. Microsoft's implementation of active hours is garbage and never will be good considering the computer should never restart when you don't want it to even outside your active hours.

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